The BE9000 is a portable AC powered test set for use at almost any point in a circuit on the customer premises location (PBX or station equipment) to the Central Office. The BE9000 is able to accommodate a wide range of circuit types such as: DS1, DS0, DDS and all 2Wire or 4 Wire analog Special Circuits. Maintenance and installation of these circuits requires a combination of these functions: DS1 performance monitoring, DS1 BERT, DS0 BERT, Drop & Insert, Transmission, Signaling, Ringing, Addressing and Supervision in one test set to achieve maximum technician efficiency. Additionally, the set can be programmed in the field so that repetitive tests can be stored and recalled for future use.

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* Simulates CO and PBX operation at the customer Network Interface.

* DS1, DDS, Program, Tie Line, DID, OPX, FXO, Equal Access, E911 and many others.

* Both Analog and Digital (DS1) Circuit Access in one test set.

* Full integration of analog functions into selected DS0 channel.

* Independent Dual Drop & Insert Operations for DS1/DS0.

* DS1 Channelized and Analog testing at it’s best.

The BE9000-DP carry a two-year warranty.

DIMENSIONS: With the Digital Package installed the test set weighs 16 pounds. Measurements are 13 inches in height, 13 � inches in width, and 8 inches deep. The face plates each measure 13 � inches by 8 inches. Call 402-426-3700, EMAIL, or FAX  402-426-3705 for prices




The Wide Area Network (WAN) circuit provider and the user of that network can no longer tolerate the inefficiency of the argument about where the problem is. Because the BE9000 method of operation is the same as the circuit, dates for circuit cutover, equipment installation and circuit restoration can be met with a minimal chance of recall.


DS1, DS0 and analog transmission measurements can be performed. The DS1 and DS0 transmission measurements are made either in an IN-SERVICE (non intrusive monitoring), or OUT-OF-SERVICE (Drop & Insert) mode. The test set will automatically configure to the SF and/or ESF frame formats, and will automatically detect B8ZS occurrences. Also, alarm and error occurrences which impact circuit performance are displayed in an easily understood manner.  Analog measurements can be performed that require test results utilizing frequencies from 204 to 9999 kHz. Three levels of noise tests and impulse noise tests can be performed.


If the test interface is digital or analog, these signaling interfaces: Loop Start, Ground Start, E&M Type I & II and Wink Start, SX & SF can be simulated in either an originating or terminating configuration. Additionally, monitoring of these signaling interfaces allows the user to determine lead status and timing relationships under normal operating conditions.


Monitoring and/or sending and receiving MF, DTMF or DP address digits can be performed. The receive rate and the % Break of DP digits can be analyzed. The rate at which MF and DTMF digits are received is displayed. All address digits can have the send rate varied from 8 to 20 Pulses Per Second (PPS).


Ringing is generated at a 20 Hz or 30 Hz rate superimposed on battery. A ringer load of REN3 is used to determine if the received ringing is above the required threshold. Ringing voltage level and ring trip current are accurately measured.


When the BE9000 is equipped with the Digital Package (DP) Option, a full range of channelized tests can be performed. Circuits can be tested and turned up for service. The primary benefit of utilizing the BE9000 to test the listed applications is the increased capability, flexibility and productivity of testing.

When using the Dual Drop & Insert (Digital Package) option, a technician can:

  • Qualify a DS1 circuit for correct operation in both in-service and out-of-service modes.
  • Perform a complete channel by channel check for both data and voice applications.
  • Monitor signaling bits on all 24 channels in both directions, and audio on individual channels.
  • Create numerous DS1 & DS0 stress patterns and measure their effect on the circuit elements.
  • Replace the function of a NIU (smart jack), DSU & multiplexer at any location in the circuit.
  • Create Central Office and PBX simulations at any location the circuit route.
  • In an in-service mode, create a call sequence record that provides all circuit timing information.

Call 402-426-3700, EMAIL, or FAX  402-426-3705 for prices



The BE9000, like all Berry products, provides user interface & price features unique in the marketplace.

Major Features              Description

Gas Plasma Display

* The most flexible display in terms of character size, contrast, brilliance and long term use.              
User Defined Tests & Remote Control * 99 test locations. A remote user can configure the test set, see the results and then load the test into the set for future use.
Dual Drop & Insert (DDI) * Two fully independent receivers and transmitters allow the user to configure the set in every conceivable manner from monitor only (both sides) to full split operation.
DS1/DS0 BERT *  Eliminates the need for specialized BERT test sets.
Circuit Performance *  At a glance summary of the digital circuit performance, or if desired, a time stamped printout for each occurrence.
DS-0A and DS-0B Test Access *  Allows for the attachment of existing protocol analyzers to test DDScircuits.
Channelization *  Anything from level and frequency to signaling and address can be inserted or monitored.
NIU and DSU Emulation *  The functions of a “smart jack” (NIU) and a CSU can be fully replicated. This allows the circuit to be checked prior to connection to other terminal equipment.
Call Sequence Analysis * Complete traffic analysis of selected DS0. Includes Wink Time, Digit & Interdigit Timing, Total Call Duration, Summary Statement.
Auto Configuration *  The Digital Package Option (DP) will automatically frame to SF and ESF formats. This reduces set up time.

ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS: *The BE9000-DP carry a two year warranty. *Training for first time users is provided at no cost to the user. *Technical Support is available during regular business hours. (Special arrangements for assistance after hours). *Repair services are available. *Lease and Lease-to-Purchase options are also available.

OPTIONS/UPGRADES: All options can be added to a BE9000-L2 or BE9000-L3 at any time.

+ Send/Rec MF Digits (Opt 4). Included in the BE9000-L3.
+ Wink Timing (Opt 6). Included in BE9000-L2 and L3.
+ Tip Ground Detection (Opt 7). Included in BE9000-L2 and L3
+  Impulse Noise (Opt 9)(3 level, 30 to 90 dBrn. Included in the BE9000-L3.
+ E911 Testing (Opt 01) Circuit, user and PSAP testing and simulation.
+ Digital Package (DP) Dual Drop & Insert, DS1 BERT.
+ DS0 BERT (Opt A for DP) Dual Drop & Insert, DS1 BERT.
+ Call Sequence Analysis (Opt B for DP) Complete call sequence digit string analysis.
+ Virtual Instrument Control (Opt D for DP) Windows based, interactive remote control.
+ Logo/Security Features (Opt E for DP) Company logo installed in software and displayed.
+ Mobile and Non-Mobile Combination Packages