About Us

Berry Test Sets was formed in mid-1979 in Santa Cruz, California, to manufacture and distribute telecommunications trunk transmission testing equipment.  The early product line consisted of 3 basic transmission test sets.

The company was later purchased by Communications Systems, Inc of Hector, MN and moved to that location.  The product line was expanded via acquisition of manufacturing rights and patents to a total of 7 test sets.

In 1991, the Company was purchased by Independent Technologies, Inc. of Omaha and moved to New London, MN.

The product line includes analog and digital voice and data test equipment for testing all types of telecommunications circuit/trunk facilities.

The “Berry Test Sets” name and blue color have been retained throughout these changes because of user loyalty and product identity.  The identifier “BERRY BLUE BOX” is known throughout the telecommunications industry as a reliable, easy to use and economical line of test sets.

Berry Test Sets has an outstanding reputation for customer service, support & follow-up.  We are proud of that, and work hard to keep it up.

Thanks for your interest, and for looking at us.  Please contact us if you have any questions, or would like a demonstration of any of our test sets.